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joseph a. allen, d.d.s.
periodontics  -  implants  - microsurgery
Kendall (Miami, Fl)
Tel: 305.595.4117
Email: jaallen@perio.us


We utilize the latest equipment in delivering Periodontal care.
-Digital Radiography in addition to reducing the amount of radiation a patient receives, allows to better diagnose your condition and makes record keeping more organized.  Instead of using film, which have to be developed, the digital radiography uses a sensor to capture the images which are available in seconds.

One of the major advantages of the digital technology is that it allows us to send the information to your dentist via e-mail.  Within minutes of taking the radiographs, he/she gets access to the information, which makes joint consultations much easier.

We offer both small and panoramic  digital technology.

- The CO2 Laser is a non-contact cutting tool that increases the precision of the required maneuvers and greatly diminishes post operative discomfort. Minor surgical procedures are accomplished without bleeding.
- The Surgical Microscope allows us to move from a tactile to a visual mode of operation.  We use smaller instruments and sutures.  This change in concept makes the delivery of the care a lot more precise and reduces discomfort because the operative field is much narrower. After five years of using the microscope, and acquiring the technical skills through continuing education and daily practice, I can say that I have become a much better surgeon, to the benefit of our patients.


Joseph A. Allen, D. D. S., P.A.
11410 North Kendall Drive
Suite 310
Miami, FL 33176
TEL: 1-305-595-4117
FAX: 1-305-595-4118

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