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The following Post Operative Care procedures are intended for our patients and these suggestions may vary according with your specific periodontal operation and may be different with other periodontists.

1. Do not eat for two hours after leaving our office. You may have a cold drink or two if you wish.

2. After the two hour period and for all of next week eat your normal foods, but try to avoid sandwiches and other things that you have to bite into. Do all chewing on the other side of your mouth. Try not to disturb the periodontal pack or "dressing" on the operated area.

3. Ordinarily, little bleeding will occur if the dressing is left undisturbed, If you notice some slight oozing around the dressing, don't worry about it. If the bleeding seems severe or persists for several hours, dip a piece of gauze or facial tissue in cold water and press against the part of the dressing from which the blood seems to be coming from. Keep it there for a full twenty minutes. Do not try to stop the bleeding by rinsing.

4. If you have any soreness, take one or two pain reliever tablets, at four hour intervals. If you were given a prescription for a pain medication, take as directed.

5. Some swelling may occur during the first two days. For today, apply an ice bag or a piece of ice wrapped in a towel to the outside of the face: ten minutes on, fifteen minutes off. Repeat this several times during the day. Ice will not help after the first twenty-four hours. By the third or fourth day, the swelling will begin to subside.

6. If a piece of the dressing breaks off between your next appointment, the area that is uncovered may be sensitive. Rinsing gently several times a day with a mild saltwater mouthwash described bel0w may help. If you are uncomfortable, call the office and come in to have the dressing replaced.

7. Clean the rest of your teeth as usual, but do not attempt to brush those teeth covered by the dressing. Starting tomorrow make up a solution of one-half teaspoon of salt in a glass of medium-hot water. Hold a mouthful of this over the operated area for a few seconds, empty your mouth, then repeat with mouthful after mouthful. Do this several times a day unless there is bleeding.

8. When the sutures and the dressing are removed next week, the operated area will probably feel tender and sensitive to heat and cold. The spaces between the teeth will seem more open. This is normal after periodontal surgery.
If the operated area is very tender, continue the warm water salt solution rinses, instead of brushing until the soreness lessens. As healing continues, brush and floss more firmly. Throughout this period brush the rest of your teeth as usual.

9. IF YOU ARE A PATIENT OF OURS IN POST OPERATIVE CARE and if you have any questions, please call our office at:  (305) 595-4117.


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